Muslim Student Association Statement

The following is a statement from the leadership of Kent State’s Muslim Students Association

“Any situation that works to drive people toward generalized fear and anger rather than intentional solution building is divisive and potentially detrimental to the safety of those who have the actions of those with whom they have no association generalized to them.  As Muslims, this is of concern to us, because our tradition teaches us the inherent value of every human soul.

Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) teaches us that, “None of you truly believe until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself.”
This concern extends past Islamophobia to all of our brothers and sisters in humanity, who are in positions where they are not accorded their inherent human dignity. We are similarly concerned with racism, cyclical poverty and women’s rights issues, to name a few. As we believe that every human being has each beat of his or her heart actively willed by God, we will continue to promote a culture of love and service through our interfaith work, community outreach, faith studies, and social engagement. We do so by principle, not fear. In this, we seek to have an MSA that is true to the values that Muslims all over the world cherish.
– The leadership of the Muslim Students’ Association of Kent State University