Hockey heads to face-off against Rochester

Forward Jon Buttitta faces off against a University of Pittsburgh player on Friday, Nov. 7, 2015.

Chris Yamnitsky

The Kent State Hockey Club moved forward from their split last weekend to prepare for two important league games against Rochester College. Practice this week focused on areas where the team is successful, carrying the puck out of the defensive zone with support.  

“Today we had a really good day of supporting the puck and getting in the habit of attempting 10 to 15 foot passes all the way up the zone, instead of going for that Hail Mary-type pass,” Coach Jim Underwood said. “We are successful when we come out of our zone together and give the puck carrier two passing options. Earlier in the week, we did a lot of battle drills. It’s just a way to keep it in our mind that we have to compete everyday (and) every single shift to win (on) the ice out there.”

The Flashes (9-5-2) face off against Rochester College (9-10-1) Friday and Saturday night in Rochester.

“Rochester is a little bit of a mystery to us. Last year was the first year we played them and we split the games with them,” Underwood said. “They are off to a little bit of a slower start in our league standings, but do have a lot of games left to play. But we know if we show up… and put together a good fundamental game of hockey, we should be (able) to give ourselves a chance to win the games.”   

Chris Yamnitsky is a sports reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].