Our View: Humanity during the inhumane

Stater Editors

At least 132 people were killed in six coordinated attacks throughout Paris late Friday night. Hundreds more were injured, and thousands were terrified as at least eight attackers with connections to The Islamic State sought to kill as many people as possible.

Although the city was gripped by fear, inspiring moments still shone through.

The city shut down its public transportation that night because of the attacks, leaving people stranded away from their homes in the midst of an incredibly dangerous situation.

Due to the lack of buses and metros, taxi drivers offered free rides to people trying to get home or to a safe area.

Social media, normally fraught with non-inspiring examples of humanity, also inspired hope and help. 

Users tweeted the hashtag “#porteouverte,” which translates as “open door,” to provide people on the street who needed a place to go with shelter, sending out directions to message them for addresses on where they could go.

Some users simply tweeted their addresses with the hashtag, deciding helping others get to safety was more important than not identifying where they live on social media.

In the face of such tragedy and horror, we are proud these people opened their doors and their hearts to terrified victims, concertgoers, diners and soccer fans, among others.

They were selfless and compassionate in the face of attacks from merciless terrorists.

It reminds us that although evil exists in this world, righteousness and positivity will prevail.

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