Women’s Center hosts bra recycling drive

Erin Zaranec

The Office of Sustainability and the Women’s Center are hosting a bra recycling drive through Nov. 6.

Bras can be donated in varying conditions. Those in good condition will be donated to local charities, and worn-out bras will be properly recycled. Any bras without tags attached must be washed before donation. 

“Clean, used bras that are donated to Kent State University’s Bra Recycling Drive are donated to Portage County Family and Community Services Clothing Center,” said Outreach and Recycling coordinator Leah Graham. “Worn-out bras are sent to The Bra Recyclers, a company that recycles worn-out bras into other consumable textiles, for example wipe cloths.”

The bra drive allows students to assist the local community in two ways: giving their textiles a new purpose by donating them to the Clothing Center, or by reducing the amount of textiles that sit in landfills.

Donations can be dropped off at the Women’s Center Carriage House (125 Midway Drive) or at the Office of Sustainability in Harbourt Hall Suite 101.