Sciences meets politics in new honors course

Gabrielle Woodard

Politics of science in the 20th century is a new course being offered to honors students this spring. The course covers the paradox of recent history and implications on science.

Alana Biles, a junior economics student, thinks this class could be intriguing.

“It sounds as if it brings new light to subjects not traditionally thought of or connected,” she said.

Science meets politics will be taught by assistant professor Matthew Crawford and will discuss many high-profile cases such as climate change, vaccines, evolution and the link between smoking and cancer. It will focus on how social, cultural, political, economic and scientific factors drive these controversies.

Padraigin O’Flynn, a sophomore political science major, says it is an important time for this class to be offered.

“It is becoming a growing trend in government to make decisions based upon personal beliefs rather than cold hard facts,” O’Flynn said.

“The main goal for the course is not only to understand this history but also to think about the larger significance of these controversies,” according to a prepared statement from the Kent State Department of Political Science.

Gabrielle Woodard is the college of arts and sciences reporter for the Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected]