Executive Director of ResponsibleOhio speaks to students about voting yes on Issue 3

Alexandra Gray

The Political Science Club hosted an event for ResponsibleOhio to speak to students about the organization’s campaign to vote yes on Issue 3.

On Monday evening, Executive Director of ResponsibleOhio Ian James spoke to students in Bowman Hall about necessary information to know before voting in the election.

“It’s important to stand up and speak out,” James said. “You’re never going to do anything if you don’t stand up for something.”

James started the event by stressing the importance of voicing opinions. Voting is a privilege, he said, and whether a person is for the issue or not, he or she should still vote on what they believe in.

 “The only way you’re going to make a change is if you’re actually going to get involved,” James said.

In support of the upcoming issue, he told the story of little girl named Addison who would experience about 1000 epileptic seizures per day. Once Addison’s family moved her to California, she went from having 1000 seizures a day to only having about three after putting a marijuana patch on her leg.

“Put yourself in her shoes,” James said to the audience, in reference to Addison.

James said that as of right now, no one is paying tax on marijuana because it is illegal and no money is being brought back into the economy. If Issue 3 were to be passed, he said, millions of dollars would be made and 85 percent of the profits would go to local communities and services.

“We’(d) finally be able to fill potholes with pot-money,” James said jokingly.

James talked about the marijuana issue taking place in Ohio will eventually happen with the rest of the country.

“Ohio is setting the precedent,” James said. “Ohio is an innovator in this new system.”

According to James, ResponsibleOhio has registered over 155,000 voters in Ohio on the issue, a number higher than President Obama received during his last presidential election.

This is the first time a marijuana issue has ever reached the ballot to be voted on in Ohio. The election will be held on Nov. 3.

Alexandra Gray is the student politics/parties reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].