Letter to the Editor: Where are the housing rights of students?

Lisa O'Malley

As a KSU graduate and Alumni Association Member, I am writing to express my dismay at the lack of respect by the university and the city of Kent concerning off campus student housing.

Recently, our son and his roommates were informed they must vacate their house within 90 days due to the city purchasing the home to expand yet another parking lot. Our students are powerless pawns in the name of campus expansion. There is no consideration by the city or university as to the added stress caused by a sudden upheaval to find new housing mid year, not to mention the toll it takes on student academics. Could this not have waited until the end of the academic school year?

Please don’t let the vision of campus and city leaders in the name of “progress” trample the rights of its Kent State students.

I will be reconsidering my continued relationship with the Kent State Alumni Association.

Lisa (Swetlin) O’Malley

Class of 1981

Alumni Association Member