Sidewalk Talks promote architecture observations


An American and a POW MIA flag sits on top of a crane inside the new College of Architecture & Environmental Design construction zone Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2015.

Keisha Burley

Every Monday and Wednesday at noon, students gather outside the construction of the Architecture and Environmental Design building on Lincoln Street to learn about its progress as part of Sidewalk Talk.

Sidewalk Talk was created in order to be a unique learning experience for students who are eager to see what the new building has to offer. It is a collaboration effort between Kent State’s Office of the University Architect and Gilbane, Inc. 

“It’s really about the process of design,” said Gilbane Inc. Project Executive Jeff Hutchison. “It’s important that they design a building that is constructible.” 

Hutchison also explained that the talk is designed to enlighten students on the progress of the building as well as the activities involved, such as learning about the concrete pours the construction team uses.

As far as progress is concerned, the fair Ohio weather has the team steadily getting their work done. Hutchison said that everything is being done on time. 

“I personally really like having the opportunity to get out of a normal classroom for a bit and coming down to this site,” said Marcus Giangiuli, a freshman architecture and environmental design major. “I think every new building should have a program like this because, as students, we are curious and these talks answer important questions.”

Hutchison said the Talks can host up to 60 people, and the weather is a big indicator of how the turnout will be for any given day.

The Sidewalk Talks are primarily geared for architecture majors, but the College of Architecture and Environmental Design and Gilbane Inc. encourage everyone to stop by the bi-weekly events and get educated on what the new building has to offer.

Keisha Burley is the architecture and environmental design reporter. Contact her at [email protected]