Greek life community reaches highest numbers in members

The Kent State greek community hosted the Panhellenic council carnival Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014 in order to recruit incoming freshman to Kents sororities.

The Kent State greek community hosted the Panhellenic council carnival Saturday, Aug. 23, 2014 in order to recruit incoming freshman to Kent’s sororities.

Kayla Sturm

The Greek life community at Kent State has reached record-breaking numbers with over 2,200 members.

“It’s great that we are continuing to grow,” said Keri Richmond, a sophomore public relations major and member of Delta Gamma. “We are paving the way to be an example nationally of a community of fraternity and sorority members who are breaking the negative stereotypes.”

Membership history

In spring 2008, the number of Panhellenic Council members was at 449, higher than Interfraternity Council’s 397 member total. By fall 2013 the Panhellenic council numbers increased to 1,068 and IFC totaled 690 members.

Although the Panhellenic Council, IFC and National Panhellenic Council are high in numbers, the Integrated Greek Council is also important to the Greek life community and continues to grow and show diversity.

“While our numbers are small in our multi-cultural Greeks, what makes Kent (State) unique is that there is such a diversity,” said Timeka Rashid, associate dean of students in the Center for Student Involvement. “You can look at Kent (State) and see (it is) strong in philanthropy and (is) diverse.”

Future Goals

As membership numbers fluctuate up and down throughout the year, the Greek life community is expanding.

“The growth means the possibilities (for our community) are endless,” said Rashid.

The Greek community strives to focus on a positive environment through academics and philanthropy.

“Our fraternities do strong philanthropies…and are very visible in our other leadership organizations across campus,” Rashid said. “You point back to the understanding that these students aren’t just engaged in their fraternities (and sororities) but are in the community.”

Greek life is known to go above and beyond in terms of helping the community and succeeding in their education.

“We are a hard working community, in terms of grades…philanthropy and community service,” said Leslie Cancelliere, vice president of recruitment and retention for the Panhellenic Council. “We are known to go to 110 percent with what we do.”

What the future holds

With the rise in student enrollment and more focus put on Greek Life, the community intends to create a new sorority chapter next year to manage the continuous growth in membership.

“We are looking to increase and are excited about the potential,” said Rashid.

Members are just as excited about the community growing.

“Hopefully Greek life at Kent State keeps up the great job and growth continues”, said Sierra Miller, a sophomore early childhood education major and member of Sigma Sigma Sigma. “I’m so excited to welcome home another chapter to Kent State next year.”

The new chapter is yet to be determined, but the Greek life community will continue to be a unique, diverse and positive life form on the Kent State campus.

Kayla Sturm is the Greek life reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].