Fall of the Arts goes with a Greek Cultural theme


Nicole Cramer, freshman (middle) and Demi Tsangas, junior are are members of the Saint Constantine Helenic Dancers of Cleveland, that performed at Thursday’s Greek Fest, held in Risman Plaza, September 24.

Kaitlin Walker

The Greek Cultural Festival took place Thursday in Risman Plaza as part of the annual Fall for the Arts Festival.

Students and faculty enjoyed free authentic Greek food including gyros, baklava and rice pudding.

“Food is really important in the Greek culture, so I tried to pick a menu people would encounter that maybe they were scared to try,” said communications and marketing director for the College of the Arts Effie Tsengas.

Live entertainment was provided throughout the festival, including “Stigma” who played music from different regions of Greece and the Saint Constantine and Helen Greek Orthodox dancers.

“Our purpose is really to show how the artsmusic, dance and visual artall bring people together around the world,” John Crawford, dean of the College of the Arts, said.

More than 20 booths were set up representing different on and off campus organizations such as Autism Speaks, study abroad and Recreational Services.

Next year the Fall for the Arts Festival will have an African theme.

“We’re already looking ahead in partnering with groups on campus and other schools,” Tsengas said. “It should be very exciting.”

Kaitlin Walker is the international reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].