Opinion: Netflix and chill out on using that term so much

KS Editors

“Netflix and chill” is a relatively new term that has already made its way into the average young person’s vernacular. Much like people unintentionally using words like “literally” or “bae” out of habit and not intending to use what the word actually means, “Netflix and chill” has already become one of those terms that people might have forgotten its true intentions.

Like any other internet meme, “Netflix and chill” was catalogued into Urban Dictionary and eventually Know Your Meme. From Know Your Meme, the term originated from a movement called Black Twitter in 2014, and according to Urban Dictionary’s top definition, “It means that you are going to go over to your partner’s house and f— with Netflix in the background.” And just like any other internet meme, “Netflix and chill” is used more as a joke than its actual meaning implies.

We believe that “Netflix and chill” is just the newest fad term to use. Due to its huge presence on social media, it’s obvious how such a term, that means sneaking in sexual actions with one’s partner, turned into a joke absentmindedly shared on social media and, recently, real life. Like other fad terms, “Netflix and chill” will be beaten into the ground hard enough for people to just simply pass it over, forgetting that it was even such a popular phrase in the first place.

This phrase follows a similar vein with “deez nuts,” which, according to Urban Dictionary’s top definition’s, “something to say to annoy or frustrate (someone).” These are both trending fad terms that will eventually take their course to be replaced with other uninteresting terms. Soon, people will be groaning or will just not amused by that one friend who catches onto memes a little too late compared to everyone else.

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