Our View: Spotify exemplifies Pope-culture

KS Editors

Out of the selection of online music streaming services, such as Pandora and Apple Music, we feel Spotify is more receptive toward college students for its features. Compared to other streaming services, Spotify continues to branch out and impress its audience.

We think Spotify is commendable for doing more than only streaming music. Their multitude of unique playlists is ideal for college students. Whether they’re driving on their morning commute, traveling to class or grinding out a paper, Spotify offers a set of specific tunes ranging from instrumental to party.

The ability to create playlists based off events is also worthy of praise. Notre Dame professor Tim O’Malley created a playlist for Pope Francis’ visit to the United States, referencing the locations he will visit through songs like “Empire State of Mind” and “Motownphilly.” The Pope playlist includes tracks from Springsteen to Sinatra, which we feel is comical and quirky.

As well as playlist creation, Spotify offers a newer feature called Spotify Running, which allows runners to use the application to change music based on their speed.

The app tracks the pace a runner is going and produces songs to match their stride.

Spotify has gathered a following of listeners, totaling 75 million active users, with 20 million subscribing to its premium version, according to an International Business Times article. Spotify Premium also offers a student discount.

The above editorial is the consensus opinion of the editorial board of The Kent Stater.