Advancement in FlashTrack leads to quicker fixes on campus

Ryan Landolph

The addition of a mobile app for FlashTrack technicians in August is making it easier for the technicians to tend to work orders submitted by students and faculty on campus.

“The back end has evolved immensely,” said Cindy Gary, coordinator of the Service Center and University Facilities Management (UFM) System. “We’ve just gone live with a mobile app. (It) gets all its information from the work order system, FAMIS, which is how UFM does its business.”

Gary said it has only been about a month and a half, but technicians are becoming more efficient on the job with no more paper work orders. This is beneficial for those that submit FlashTrack requests to UFM, as issues can be resolved quicker.

“It is real time in the hands of our technicians,” Gary said. “They get the work order right on their device, go and can add all their labor materials that can be delivered to the technician at the job site.”

There are other features that are beneficial to students and faculty, such as an “On my way” email notification that lets the requestor know a technician will arrive shortly.

“(There is) no loss of time on the job,” Gary said.

Ryan Landolph is the residence halls reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].