Kent State’s Hidden Treasures

The Center for Undergraduate Excellence, or CUE, is located off the Esplanade between Lake and Olson halls.

Jimmy Miller

In your first few days at Kent State, it’s almost a given that you’ll have to go on a variety of tours, informative sessions and listen to guest speakers talk about the university.

However, there are some parts of Kent State that aren’t commonly referred to. You might hear about Rosie’s Diner or the library, but maybe you won’t hear about the Food 4 Thought Cafe 2 in Bowman Hall. This list is to help outline some of Kent State’s “hidden treasures,” and to guide you to see some really cool things the university offers.

Keep in mind this list isn’t all-inclusive, as what one person treasures is certainly different than what another person will value. With that said, here are a few spots/events you’ll definitely want to check out:

Center for Undergraduate Excellence: 

It’s pretty hard to miss the library — after all, it’s the tallest building in Portage County — however, it’s not the only place to take some books and a laptop for studying. Completed last year and now stocked with a Starbucks, this building has tons of little nooks for studying, alongside the possibility of being tutored.

Food 4 Thought Cafe: 

The original food vendor, titled a “Cyber Cafe,” resides in White Hall, and a second location is up in the main lobby at Bowman Hall. However, keep in mind neither of these places accept meal plan options. 

Jazzman’s Cafe: 

Most people know about the Student Center and Eastway locations, but there’s also a Jazzman’s in Oscar-Ritchie Hall that accepts meal plan as payment.

Disc golf course: 

You’ll hear all about the free-to-use Student Recreation and Wellness Center, but what you might miss amidst the weight lifting, basketball courts and racquetball areas is the outdoor disc golf course, an 18-hole challenge that winds around some areas in Kent. With your FlashCard, you can check out some of the discs free of charge at the Pro Shop in the Rec Center. 

$5 Movie Monday (not pictured): 

The Kent Plaza Theatre continues to offer its $5 Movie Monday program, where moviegoers can purchase a ticket for any movie on Mondays for $5. With each ticket, buyers also receive a complimentary small popcorn.

Ice skating (not pictured): 

The Ice Arena hosts a weekly College Skate Night on Wednesday nights from 10 p.m. to midnight starting later in the semester with only a $3 charge attached with the events. The Ice Arena does offer weekly themes as well, so students can dress up accordingly if they wish, or just wear whatever they’d like.

Canoeing and kayaking (not pictured):

Since 2010, the city and the university have collaborated on what they deem “Crooked River Adventures,” a program that’ll cost you between $23 to $25 to take part in.

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