Kent State’s new cabinet member is a team player


Paul DiCorleto

Austin Bennett

Paul DiCorleto, Kent State’s new vice president for research and sponsored programs, plans to “bolster” research through a team-effort.


“I have no intention of just generating a document alone in my office and saying here it is. It’s going to be a process that will be very inclusive,” DiCorleto said.


DiCorleto, who was announced June 18, hopes to bring people together to gauge areas of strength, in efforts to find out what those programs need to move to the next level.


“My goal would be to find general topics to become nationally prominent that would expand multiple campuses at Kent State,” said DiCorleto. “You can’t be nationally prominent in many areas, but you certainly can be in some areas. We must choose those areas wisely.”


During his two visits to Kent State, DiCorleto said the university had a fantastic environment and many areas have great potential to grow.


“Research is not just going into a laboratory, it is critical and creative thinking,” DiCorleto said. “Research is a mindset, of not just learning facts, but learning how to be critical and creative with information and identifying questions that need to be answered.”


DiCorleto joins Kent State after 34 years at the Cleveland Clinic, where he served as Sherwin-Page Chair of the Lerner Research Institute since 2002.


Todd Diacon, Kent State provost and chair of the search committee, who selected DiCorleto, said his candidacy was so strong because he combines two things that you don’t always see together.


“He combines the highest level of success internationally in research with a humility that’s quite striking,” Diacon said.


Thomas Hamilton, who worked with DiCorleto for 28 years, said DiCorleto was one of the main reasons he elected to leave Duke University for the Cleveland Clinic.


“[DiCorleto] has played a significant role in recruiting new scientists and nurturing their development, helping people form large collaborative groups. He’s done it by providing a very transparent administrative structure that people feel comfortable and supported in,” Hamilton said.


As a sign of renewed emphasis on research excellence at Kent State, DiCorleto will report directly to President Beverly Warren. The new role will be made a cabinet-level position.


“Placing the new vice president for research on the cabinet is a demonstration of the importance we place on research for the Kent campus and for other campuses as well,” Diacon said. “It also allows the vice president to opine on all kinds of issues that we are discussing.”


DiCorleto will begin his new position on Aug. 17.

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