Independent Films spends summer producing “Unlucky”


Photo courtesy of the Unlucky Facebook page

Catherine Wilcher

Students refuse to let summer fun get in the way of producing the film “Unlucky.”

Kent State Independent Films, a student organization that creates and produces films, has been working on its upcoming comedy film “Unlucky.” The voluntary staff has been working 12-hour days, five days a week this summer.

“Just this summer, I’m at about 500 hours. I have been working on the film since September, so I have put in a lot of time,” said graduate student and director Buddy Candela.

Matt Weitz, the main actor playing the role of Sam, said he doesn’t have time for a job this summer because of how much time he is spending producing the film.

“I can easily say that since the role of Sam is so prevalent in the film, I put in anywhere from 20-50 hours a week,” Weitz said. “Some weeks are certainly more stressful than others. That being said, unfortunately I haven’t been able to work my other job simply because of how much of my time is spent on set. I’m so broke.”

More than 100 students stayed around Kent State this summer to help produce “Unlucky.” Students and staff are volunteers, and some receive credit hours but others can use this volunteer work as an internship.

“We head to set and shoot for 6 hours, we get an hour break for lunch and then shoot for another 6 hours. We then go back to the office, lay it all out, and repeat,” said Candela.

The cast spends 72 hours a week on set.

“Every day on set for me begins with makeup and wardrobe,” said Weitz. “After that, we head to set. The directors give us our blocking and show us how the scene (how is supposed to look) and then we rehearse.”

“Unlucky” is a romantic comedy. Candela said the film is about a guy and girl that fall in love, and then a bunch of unlucky stuff happens. The film will be premiering this April.

“My goal for the film is to make a genuinely good movie. There’s a difference between a student film and an actual film, and we are really striving to make this look like an actual film,” Candela said.

A year and half ago, Independent Films accepted applications for film ideas. “Unlucky” was in the top three out of 25 and was selected to be produced. 

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