Governor appoints graduate student Jennifer Bryant to Board of Trustees

Brittany Anderson

Gov. John Kasich appointed Kent State graduate student Jennifer Bryant to serve as a student member of the Kent State Board of Trustees.

The board consists of 12 members whom are the governing body of Kent State. Bryant has a long list of qualifications as a student board member. Some of the universities professional organizations she serves on include the College of Public Health, The Academy of Nutrition and Diabetics, and Management’s Student Academic Complaint Committee.

In fall 2013 Bryant received the Graduate Dean’s Award at Kent State.

“Allowing students, both undergraduate and graduate, to serve on the board definitely allows committed students to find more of the issues students are facing on a day-to-day,” Bryant said. “I see the future of Kent State and the board’s projected path as having a greater commitment to its students,” Bryant said. 

Bryant is pursuing a doctor of philosophy degree in public health specializing in health policy and management. She received a Bachelor of Science in food and nutrition from Bowling Green State University in 2013.

“Seeing more healthy initiatives on campus and not only food and nutrition but public health and public safety on campus are of great importance to me,” Bryant said. “I certainly believe having that foundation of good nutrition and good health will transfer over into being a productive student.”

Bryant replaces former graduate student trustee Monique Profitt

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