Kent State University Museum closes for renovations

Chelsea Graff

The Kent State University Museum closed on June 8 for renovations and will reopen on June 27.

Museum director Jean Druesedow said the fire suppression system on the first floor of the storage area is obsolete and needs to be replaced for the safety of staff and students working in that storage area.

There will also be updates to the layout of the museum while it is under renovation.

Druesedow said the renovations will include changing the layout of the museum from a “U” shape to an “O” shape to improve the traffic pattern.

“It’s a matter of replacing the fire suppression system in the storage areas and creating a new storage area and a new gallery so that the traffic pattern in the museum will be improved,” she said.

Museum staff will continue to improve the traffic pattern throughout the summer, and Druesedow said they expect to finish in the fall.

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