School of Art Galleries allow university staff and faculty to rent pieces


 “Freedom and the Artist” by Patrick DeLong depicts World War II cargo planes. The painting belongs to the school’s permanent collection.

Neville Hardman

The School of Art Galleries began its rental program on Tuesday, which allows faculty to rent artwork to place in their personal or department offices.


Michael Nold, a graduate crafts major and assistant to the director, said the artwork available to rent comes from former faculty and students. It also includes local, national and internationally known artists, he said.


Pieces from the program are selected through the school’s permanent collection, which contains more than 4,000 pieces.


“There’s a lot to choose from, but we obviously had to narrow it down and we can’t lend out things that have a lot of value,” Nold said.


Nold eliminated expensive art from rental, such as Andy Warhol photographs used for teaching, and pieces that weren’t in good condition or need repaired. Part of the process included selecting pieces that will brighten up a space.


“They all have to be pieces that are able to be hung on the wall, so we can’t rent out any sculptures or loose prints that aren’t framed,” Nold said.


Artwork displayed in the gallery ranges from different time periods. One painting dates back to 1958, which depicts three military cargo planes.


Nold said artwork can be picked up on Monday and must be returned by the end of spring semester. Artwork must remain on campus.


Renters are given instructions on how to hang a piece and must sign a contract, Nold said. The contract states renters are responsible for damages and transporting pieces to their offices. The website states a maximum of five pieces can be rented for the year, each for $50.


“We’re not making a lot of money off this,” Nold said. “It’s more to get the art out there and get people interested in what we’re doing and come see what the School of Art has to offer.”


Avin Hannahsmith, a junior fine arts major and student worker for the Rental Program, helped put up artwork and clean the gallery to prepare for the show.


“It really shows a different way to work,” Hannahsmith said, who compared this job to his previous on campus job at Rosie’s. He said the jobs have different speeds and his position at the gallery is driven toward his major.


“This job isn’t fast-paced,” Hannahsmith said. “It’s more about taking your time because every piece costs money.”


Nold said rentals are set to happen next year as well.


“It’s nice to bring some other people in and if they get to walk out of here with something to look at and enjoy then they usually come back to rent something else next year,” Nold said.


The Rental Program goes from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. until this Friday in the School of Art Main Gallery. Rental dates can be found on the School of Art’s website.


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