May 4 playlist: A day that will live in song

Many musicians have created songs, including one of the most famous ones “Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, based on the events that transpired on May 4, 1970. Here are some more songs that show that May 4 still influenced music from the ‘70s to the ‘90s.


“Hey Sandy” by Harvey Andrews (1970)



““Jackson-Kent Blues” by Steve Miller (1970)


“Where Was Jesus in Ohio” by Bruce Springsteen (1970)


“The Knife” by Genesis (1970)

“Student Demonstration Time” by the Beach Boys (1971)

“41,000 Plus 4 (The Ballad of the Kent State Massacre)” by Ruth Warrick (1971)

“The Balcony” by Bill Dobbins (1971)

“Truth is Fallen” by Dave Brubeck (1971)

“The Kent State Massacre” by Barbara Dane (1973)

“It Could Have Been Me” by Holly Near (1974)

“Wish I was in El Salvador” by Jello Biafra (1990)

“Kent” by Magpie (1995)