Opinion: Summer advice


Zachary Downes is a junior journalism major. Contact him at [email protected].

Zachary Downes

Well, finals week is coming up and that means summer vacation is just around the bend. You know what that means? Being lazy, late nights with friends and summer jobs. 

However, summer may be all fun and games, but there a couple of things you should avoid. 

Now we all have seen “Grease,” and everyone has those chills that are multiplying, but let’s be realistic, summertime romances do not last. You might think that you are that “Hot Sandy” or “Stunning Danny,” but I’m going to inform you that you’re not. Your life is not a musical. So be prepared for the end of summer blues and all of the Mayday Parade throwbacks on your Spotify because you unfortunately got your heart broken. I’ve been in that position. Summer romances do not work.

Another thing you should avoid this summer, for your sanity and health, is drug experimentation. Now, I have never tried drugs or plan to, but where I come from, heroin and meth are starting to be popular party favors, which is terrible. If you end up at a party with people from high school and they have decided to take the shady path of mixed chemicals and dirty needles, that’s the time you write them out of your life. No cop is going to take the excuse “I just tried it once” or “I was pressured into doing it;” they’re just going to arrest and you are going to have a felony or two on your hands. Your life is better than chemicals mixed together on a rusty stove that are stirred with crappy spoons. Chemical substances may exist, people, but rehab and a crack addiction are not good resume enhancers.

My last tip for the summer is this: Have fun.

Although summer can be stressful, just remember that you’re not in school. College causes stress acne and late nights at Starbucks. Just take the time to relax this summer, if you have the chance. Do not overschedule yourself and make sure you enjoy the weather as much as possible. We do live in northeast Ohio, so the sunshine and warm weather only lasts five minutes before the two main Ohio seasons kick in, winter and road construction. Go on road trips with friends, roll down the windows and blare the good throwbacks from high school. Remember to stay safe though, so maybe cruising down a country road at 70 miles an hour won’t work. 

Remember, finals are almost here, but they will be over sooner than you know it. Breathe, eat and sleep. Remember that summer is almost here and you want to make it better than the last. Don’t do drugs, especially ones that require you to inject weird chemicals into your blood stream. Just have fun this summer and do not try to make that person you’re “talking” to an official relationship. Unfortunately it probably will not last, but it’ll be OK. Things happen for a reason.

One last great piece of advice, specifically for guys: Wrap it before you tap it.

Until next semester, have a great summer.