How to get a summer body in 30 days or less

Katie Leyton

There are officially 30 days left in the semester. With the weeks flying by, summer will be here a lot sooner than most of us are ready for. I’m not talking about being ready for school to be over, I’m talking about those summer bodies that we’re supposed to be building.

The saying “Summer bodies are built in the winter” is not always true. Especially if you are a college student in Northeast Ohio who hates going out in the cold and would rather binge watch Netflix. Sound familiar? Between the extremely cold, long winter and trying to find the time between classes, the gym may not have been as much of a daily priority as you had planned.

So, how do you get a beach-ready body in 30 days?

Extreme diets and “30-day challenges” may seem like a quick fix, but once you’re done with it, your winter body will come creeping back faster than it went away. Not to mention they are incredibly dangerous.

With a healthy yet strict diet paired with a safe but hardcore exercise plan, a summer body is plausible.

You see — 30 days is actually plenty of time. On average, it takes 21 days for a person to form a habit. If you start to make it a habit to eat healthier and go to the gym at least five to six days per week, not only will you see some real progress, but you will also form habits that will stick with you long after the summer months are over.

Here are some quick and easy steps to follow for the next 30 days until summer:

One: Cut out the sweets! That’s right, no cookies, ice cream, jelly beans or even sweetened iced coffees.

Two: Add veggies and fruits to your daily diet. When you go grocery shopping, try to fill your cart with more vegetables and fruits than carbs or meat. There are endless, delicious recipes on the Internet that make eating fruits and veggies painless and healthy.

Three: Run at least one mile a day. I remember when I first started on my fitness journey, a friend of mine gave me this same advice. It may not seem like very far, but sometimes being consistent with a run is more beneficial to your health mentally and physically. With the weather getting nicer, take advantage of running around Kent’s campus.

Four: Do your crunches, squats and push-ups each day. No matter what body part you decide to work in the gym, doing this small circuit every day will give you a more well-rounded workout.

Five: Drink at least eight glasses of water every day. With finals week approaching, it’s important to stay healthy and hydrated for the number of all-nighters we pull.

By making a conscious effort to form healthier habits over these next 30 days, your summer body will be here before you know it.

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