Kent State students travel overseas to learn about global public relations, advertising


Kent State students travel overseas

Taylor Meade

Kent State advertising and public relations students will visit Dublin, Ireland, and London, England, from May 14 to 30 to help create a more globalized perspective to their majors. 

Danielle Coombs, associate director of the School of Journalism and Mass Communication, said the idea behind this trip came from previous students in Advanced Qualitative Research. The students conducted research on desirable study abroad locations and found some key findings. 

“They (students) love the idea of going some place that’s a little more culturally familiar where there’s not going to be the same language barrier found in other countries,” Coombs said. 

Coombs, co-professor of the Global Advertising and PR trip, said London was a desirable location for students traveling abroad, particularly for students without much travel experience.

A partnership with the School of Visual Communication Design two years later added Dublin to the course, she said.

There was a real opportunity to engage advertising and public relations in a study abroad program that was short term and more affordable for students, Coombs said. Students work on team websites consisting of stories and multimedia about their teams’ areas of focus before and during the trip.

Taylor Barnes, junior advertising major, said her group wanted to focus on music, specifically on musical groups U2 and The Beatles. 

“We’re just comparing PR tactics and PR campaigns and advertising campaigns both in America and Europe,” Barnes said.

Barnes said this course will make her more globally aware and informed about other cultures. She also said she feels this will be a great resume builder and will look impressive to future employers.

Michele Ewing, associate professor of public relations and co-professor of the Global Advertising and PR trip, said this course and trip offers students the chance to understand global PR and advertising to help launch a career.

“They’re going to hear campaigns and learn about how you actually do the research to determine how to tailor a campaign or program for a different culture,” Ewing said.

Some places students will visit include Cadbury, Guinness and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company to meet with marketing professionals while still working on their research and websites.

Ewing said she hopes the group produces quality work that will build a strong portfolio and that students can use this experience to help them find the right career path.

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