Opinion: Blazing Through the Haters

Mike Richards is a senior English major. Contact him at mricha15@kent.edu. 

Mike Richards is a senior English major. Contact him at [email protected] 

Mike Richards

Hey, guys and gals, it’s that day of the year when walking throughout campus, through the haze circling within the vortex that is Risman Plaza, you catch a glimpse of those you know have definitely celebrated this special holiday.

Weed Day. 4/20. Blaze it.

For some of you, slowly making your way through Walgreens looking for the Clear Eyes, you end up leaving with a few Snickers, a bag of classic Lays and two drinks because who couldn’t pass up that 2 for $2 deal? Probably because you’re pretty thirsty.

And yet no one actually wants you to smoke marijuana. It’s not like anything would be different in seeing the mess of a drunken exodus that happens at 2:30 a.m. when Bar 145 decides to kick everyone out. 

And I’m about to be that person who says who cares if people want to smoke marijuana. I’ll be professional in saying marijuana although I sound like I’m trying too hard to defend it.

I’m not a stoner, but I’ll sign that petition that allows recreational marijuana to be legal, because, again, who cares? Just as people don’t drink due to either medical or personal problems, there are these same people in the world.

I don’t even feel the need to or have the time to give scientific evidence to back all of this up because it shouldn’t matter as much. Alcohol ruins your body — that’s a fact — but I’ll do a lot to have myself fine bourbon or even an awful can of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Depends on how my night has been going.

It’s not like the world is going to become one giant hot box — we’ve already blown that one; we’re doomed to our warming climate.

“Recreational,” essentially means you can have some on your person, as long as you aren’t walking down the street smoking a joint. But you can do that in your home, and maybe even some regulated places that will definitely pop up as soon as it’s legalized. And it will be legalized. It’s time to accept it.

Look at Washington and Colorado and how well it’s been received there, and all opponents were horrendously against it.

The thing is that increased revenue is also inevitable. Businesses make profits off stoners.

It’s not a big deal, everyone. Don’t like to drink? Then don’t drink. Don’t like to watch sports? Then turn on Netflix or something. Don’t like to go outside? Then good luck, and tell your mom I’m sorry.

It’s a subjective matter that has been regulated by people who just don’t care for it themselves. Don’t like weed? Then don’t smoke it. Just do a little research on it before you subjugate a group of people who aren’t doing anything that wrong. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?