Opinion: Five reasons why your lists are garbage


Mike Richards is a senior English major and a columnist for The Kent Stater. Contact him at [email protected].

Mike Richards

Sorry for the lack of eloquence in the title, but I lacked the inspiration as I was a bit riled up over a few things I read in the last few days, courtesy of my ever-loving, ever-interesting Facebook timeline.

Let’s talk about relationships. You know, those things we dream of having, and yet, we seemingly let ourselves run amuck through lists and lists and lists from sites like Elite Daily that tell us how to live our lives, so much that the whole joy is lost because some sad human thinks they’ve mastered the art of dating and managing a healthy relationship.

My apologies, but it’s an overflowing load of BS.

I’m not going to give you relationship advice because I’m not a master of it, nor do I think I have any right to tell you how to live your life. Also, I’m not going to make a list either, unless you want it.

Lists never work. Lists become things you jot down just to disappoint yourself later on as they remain unchecked.

There’s this feeling I get when I scroll down my timeline and I see “OMG so true!!!” and with that is a list about “why marriage doesn’t work” or some other subjective nonsense.

OK, so why do relationships die? They die because they just stop working for whatever reason. It’s really that simple and does not warrant a list.

In life, you may find someone you deeply care about. They make you feel all sorts of funny inside. They bring a smile to your face, as you rise for the morning and settle for the evening, and maybe they treat you nicely like any decent person deserves.

Sometimes these relationships last a lifetime, and sometimes they don’t.

And that’s really OK, and is also the easiest way to address it. But, without the crippling sadness of these blogs — and sometimes life — they would lose all of their traffic.

Originality, individuality and doing things on your own are almost all things of the past. Making our own worthwhile decisions seem insane because why bother when Buzzfeed can give you 21 reasons why your “bae” is so totally not necessary to be happy. Like, OMG I never knew I could go on a run alone or go get ice cream alone or go to the movies alone or go to the park alone or go to the mall alone or go to bed alone, and it be just as great without someone there to have fun with me!

That doesn’t speak for everyone. Which is exactly why these lists don’t matter. (Sorry, babe. If you read this, the last bit was a joke, I definitely enjoy doing all of those things with you rather than alone).

These lists can be enjoyable and humorous, only when need be. Just don’t let it get to your head or let it be that single green light guiding you to everything you hope and dream to have and accomplish.

Don’t lose hope. Be better than the list. It’s not as scary to get out there as you may think.

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