Best On-Campus Eatery: Quaker Steak and Lube


Quaker Steak & Lube employee Grace Kober runs food to a table on Monday April 6, 2015. The on-campus restaurant serves wings, burgers, and more on the bottom level of the student center.

Jenna Kuczkowski


Quaker Steak and Lube

The most popular place on campus for students to dine is located in the depths of the Student Center. Quaker Steak and Lube, with its automobile and Kent State memorabilia hanging precariously along the walls, is known for its unique atmosphere as well as being the closest thing to a restaurant-like experience on campus.

“We want students to feel like they’re going out or to a sit-down restaurant off-campus,” manager Aaron Karns said.

Stephanie Abreu, a freshman international relations major, said that she goes to Quaker Steak at least twice a week.

“My favorite is the Lube burger,” Abreu said. “The atmosphere is really chill at Quaker, and they play great music.”


Eastway Cafe, Prentice

The Eastway dining hall on campus is known for its always-changing menu that offers students a diverse range of foods every day. Though a few of the stations within the dining hall remain consistent, such as the create-your-own salad or yogurt bar, many of them change to offer different styles of comfort food, or even international cuisine.

“When I want a real meal, I go to Eastway,” said Iniah Dunbar, a freshman athletic training major. “There’s always something good there.”

Eastway also hosts themed events, such as Latin Night, Soul Food and Bistro dinner, combining themed food upstairs with entertainment and activities outside and downstairs.

On the other side of campus, Prentice Hall is home to Prentice Café where the main dining hall is located, as well as Munchies Market, a grocery store with a deli inside.

At the café, students can purchase fresh bakery items, home-style food as well as burritos and tacos from Burrito Del Ray.

“Breakfast is the best value at Prentice,” said Eric Abowd, a sophomore sports administration major. “The chocolate chip pancakes and French toast there are the best.”

In Munchies Market, students can purchase snacks and beverages, along with wraps and sandwiches from Crustanto’s.

“The sandwiches and wraps there are the best of campus,” said Ryan Pasquino, a freshman computer science major.


Rosie’s Diner

Offering both dine-in and delivery options, Rosie’s is a sure favorite among early birds and night owls alike on campus.

The diner stands out from your typical eatery with its diverse but consistent menu and is able to cater to a variety of students’ tastes.

Paul Honkus, a sophomore history major, said that the mozzarella sticks at Rosie’s are the best.

“Rosie’s is a life saver at two in the morning,” Honkus said.

Rosie’s delivery is available on campus from 8 p.m. until 2 a.m. and offers pizzas, calzones and salads. Rosie’s Diner is open 24 hours and serves everything from milkshakes to breakfast to gyros.

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