Student art sale to raise money for Center for the Visual Arts

Dara Sander

“Cups and Coasters” is a themed student art sale that will begin April 22 with an opening reception on April 24 from 4 to 6 p.m. at the Downtown Gallery.

The deadline for student submissions for the “Cups and Coasters” art sale is Friday, April 17. Each piece of art created by the students has a restriction of a 12-by-12-by-12 inches, must be sold for $20 or less, and must relate to the “Cups and Coasters” theme in any medium or creative way.

All the proceeds from the art sale will go to the School of Art’s Center for the Visual Arts “Under One Roof” student campaign.

The “Under One Roof” student campaign is a fundraiser to raise money for the new Center for the Visual Arts, which is currently under construction on Terrace Drive. The Center for the Visual Arts will combine all the visual art departments into one building.

“The Visual Art Department — sculpture, painting, jewelry/metals, glass, textiles, drawing — all of that is currently spread across, I believe, seven to nine different buildings,” said Maeve C. Doley, a senior crafts major with a focus on jewelry design and metalworking and an “Under One Roof” student campaign coordinator. It puts a little bit of a cramp in our ability to cross mediums and see the visual arts as a whole entity as opposed to being separate departments.”

The concept for “Cups and Coasters” was a revamped idea from a successful cup sale the ceramics department used to put on. Doley said the idea to have a new sale where everyone can join recently came to fruition.

Doley said the center will be a great space for all students, especially those who don’t know much about art, to see the gallery spaces from the Esplanade.

The “Cups and Coasters” art sale hopes to raise $3,000 to $4,000 for the Center of the Visual Arts. The goal of the student campaign will extend into spring of 2016 when the building will be completed.

Doley said the art sale could give people a chance to be involved in a philanthropic opportunity and help with the new center.

“(It is a) benefit for the art students,” Doley said. “Not only are they being involved in a philanthropic event but they’re showing solidarity for this new building that’s coming to fruition very quickly, that we’ve all been kind of living through.”

“Cups and Coasters” will be on exhibition April 22 to 30 at the Downtown Gallery at 141 E. Main St.

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