App brings safety into modern age


BlueLight app

Katie Chilson

One in five women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.

That’s the statistic Preet Anand, the CEO of BlueLight, heard when he decided he wanted to enhance safety.

BlueLight is a safety app that simplifies safety to a push of a button. The app has two main features: Request Help and On My Way.

“Our focus is really to bring the standard for safety and security to the digital age and bring a lot more peace of mind to people,” Anand said.

Request Help is connected directly to campus police. Students can press the blue button and help will be instantly connected.

The app will also directly give authorities the location of the user. If not connected to campus police, the app will still connect to 911 and will have the location on the screen for the caller to easily share with police.

On My Way can be used when going from place to place. The BlueLight user has five emergency contacts saved on the app. When using the On My Way feature, it will notify the chosen contacts. From starting destination to the selected final destination, BlueLight will track the location of the user and then text the people the user has chosen.

Anyone the user wants to be notified, whether it’s a mom, dad, brother or grandmother, will be alerted when the BlueLight user reaches his or her destination.

The idea and production of BlueLight began in 2013, and the app was available for Android in 2014. The app then became available for iOS in January 2015.

BlueLight is connected with 85 campuses across the United States, including Kent State, and is expanding quickly.

Anhelica Rodriguez, risk management chair of the Kent State chapter of Delta Zeta, has become an ambassador of the app on Kent’s campus.

“I’m trying to get the app out to other people in Greek life; I’m trying to get it out to Kent State that this is another way of being able to have safety right in your hand every day, any moment,” Rodriguez said.

Overall, BlueLight wants to make safety as accessible as possible. The organization wants to help decrease the sexual harassment statistic and make a difference in the world of safety.

“Reassurance will give you the power to live your life freer,” Lauren Wilbanks, the voice of BlueLight, said.

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