Best Ethnic Food: Main Street Continental Grill


Best Ethnic Food

Jenna Kuczkowski


Main Street Continental Grill

For years, Main Street Continental Grill has been serving up home-cooked Mediterranean food.

Using family recipes that were passed down through generations, the Continental Grill turns out everything from gyros made with your choice of chicken, lamb or beef to spinach pies that are seasoned with Middle Eastern spices and baked in pita dough.

“It’s nice to see a restaurant that has this type of food,” said Gene Centore, a junior computer science major. “For me, I had all this growing up, so it’s almost like comfort food.”

Centore said he recommends the grill to anyone looking to try something different outside of typical fast food. Main Street Continental Grill is both affordable and offers a diverse menu that’s perfect for customers who are new to Mediterranean food.

Luckily, with the grill located just a short walk across from the Kent campus on Main Street, authentic Mediterranean food isn’t far from students’ reach.



Located in Downtown Kent, Laziza takes pride in serving up Mediterranean cuisine in style.

With its well-rounded menu and a fine dining atmosphere like no other in Kent, Laziza takes Mediterranean food to a whole different level.

Ditching the gyros and kebabs to make way for more refined palates of chicken shawarma, various wraps and a wide selection of Mediterranean salad options.

Asim Al Ma’Mari, a junior biotechnology major, said the chicken shawarma and rice is his favorite at Laziza, which consists of seasoned chicken, served over balsamic rice and topped with grilled onions.

“It’s really like comfort food,” Al Ma’Mari said. “It’s the closest to authentic as it’s going to get.”


Newdle Bar

Newdle Bar offers its customers a lot more than the name implies. The restaurant has a diverse range of artfully crafted sushi, which is made fresh for each order, as well as a variety of noodles to serve up in various stir-fries.

“We are very kosher about our food,” Hiroshi Tsuji, Newdle Bar’s owner, said. “We use fresh ingredients, and it’s very healthy, nothing really fried.”

Unlike many Asian restaurants, Newdle Bar offers customers a friendly and exciting atmosphere. Customers can choose to be seated along the restaurant’s long bar, or they can choose a more sit-down table setting.

The restaurant is filled with modern music and has a relaxed vibe to it, allowing customers to not only enjoy the food but also their time at Newdle Bar.

“The food is good and the place has a cool vibe,” said Ayveri Smothers, a freshman zoology major. “It seems really fancy, but it’s reasonably priced, too.”

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