Kent TeleProductions wins three bronze Telly Awards

Jessica Darling

Kent State’s TeleProductions has won three awards this semester including the Kent State Men’s Basketball 2014-2015 Intro video, the Founder’s Award for the Margaret Clark Morgan (MCM) Foundation video and the Impact Award for Education for the MCM Foundation.

The Telly Award is an award presented by the film and video industry for videos that have reached certain criteria, said Shane Roach, the senior media specialist at TeleProductions.

“The one thing I do like about the Telly is it gives you, as a producer of video, some confidence and it gives your client some confidence,” Roach said. “It means that the work that we do is meeting and exceeding industry standards. The video quality, everything that we’re doing is top shelf.”

Roach mainly works on the MCM Foundation videos with senior electronic media major Andres Kishimoto.

“I am basically what you would call the producer/director, but pretty much Andres Kishimoto went with me a couple times, and that’s pretty much it, me and Andres,” Roach said.

Senior electronic media major Mike Donelan and junior electronic media major Dante Gramuglia produced the Men’s Basketball Intro video. Josh Tanner, senior media specialist at TeleProductions, advised both students in making the video.

“During the shoot, it was more kind of supervising,” Tanner said. “I kind of let the students run with it as much as they can but add input here and there.”

Jim Hurguy, a multimedia developer for TeleProductions, assisted with both the MCM Foundation videos and the Men’s Basketball Intro video.

“With the MCM videos, my role as graphic designer was to create lower third graphics for the people that would appear on the screen in those videos,”  Hurguy said.

Founder’s Award – Clara T. Rankin from Margaret Clark Morgan Fdn. on Vimeo.

For the men’s basketball video, it was more focused on coming up with a concept for the video, finding the right songs and correlating schedules with the men’s basketball team.

TeleProductions is an in-house production facility at Kent State. While the three videos mentioned above were done by them, they also produce videos for teachers at the university and outside corporations, Roach said.

TeleProductions takes on a student staff of about 30 to 40 students every school year, Roach said.

“Students get a lot of hands on experience, largely because we are a professional organization and we have paying clients that demand legitimate production value,” Roach said. “They get to see dealing with real clients and real projects.”

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Impact Award for Education- Smart Summer Camp- Adam Sheldon and Justin Caithaml from Margaret Clark Morgan Fdn. on Vimeo.