Regional campuses to award associate degrees to students

Payton Moore

Kent’s regional campuses will begin giving automatic associate’s degrees to those who meet the university-mandated requirements, but are currently seeking bachelor’s degrees.

The movement intends to motivate students to build on their achievements and continue the rest of their schooling.

Jody Bancroft, a junior physical therapy assistant technology major at Ashtabula campus, will receive his associate of science degree in May. Meeting requirements last semester, he continues to fulfill bachelor’s degree requirements.

“I think it will benefit me by opening more doors in the future, and that it will give me more confidence when applying for a job instead of having the feeling that nothing sets me apart from others,” Bancroft said.

To qualify, regional campus students must be currently enrolled, with at least one class this semester at a regional campus. They also must meet requirements outline by associate of arts or science degrees, and not have been previously awarded with an associate degree somewhere other than a regional campus.

Those meeting the requirements can expect an email and letter informing them of the achievement. Prospective students are to be awarded the degree later in the semester.

For more information, regional campus students can contact advisors or visit the regional campus web page.

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