“Mothers, Mentors and Muses” honors inspirational female faculty

Payton Moore

Fifty-five female staff and faculty members received honorary recognition Tuesday in the Student Center Ballroom for the 6th annual “Mothers, Mentors and Muses.”

Formerly known as the “Memories of Mothers,” the fundraising event morphed in 2010.

Honorees are now celebrated as mothers for “birthing” a new idea on campus, being a mentor or a trusted colleague or a muse for inspiring creativity and passion to students and staff.

Proceeds from the evening support the Women’s Center scholarship fund. Several former and current scholarship recipients were applauded in their achievements over the last year.

In addition, attendants participated in a silent auction to further donations towards the Women’s Center funds. Auction items included wine, gift baskets and lunch with President Beverly Warren, which sold for $435.

Warren was the keynote speaker of the evening, congratulating the women on their contribution and devotion to kindness.

“The one thing I enjoy is a community of caring, and how you develop and nurture that community. Part of it is what you’re doing tonight, celebrating the random acts of kindness… and the not-so random acts of kindness,” Warren said.

Warren touched on her own personal mentor and muse, her junior high physical education teacher.

“The reason I adored her was that every student felt special in her presence, every person in school would gravitate to her,” Warren said. “She always encouraged, always showed how you could improve with no comparisons to others. From that moment I knew I wanted to be a teacher.”

Honorees were congratulated on stage with roaring applause. Among the nominated was LeAnn Starlin, academic recruitment and retention coordinator for the College of Arts.

Starlin serves as a mother, mentor and muse to not only faculty, but also to families and prospective students.

“It’s exciting getting to talk to families about great things happening here. It’s also just rewarding and exciting finding a student to commit to Kent who’s happy to come here,” Starlin said.

For Amy Quillin, vice president of the Women’s Center, positivity in celebrating women for their achievements is necessary.

“It’s always awesome when so many people of different backgrounds on campus come to honor women and their significant influence,” Quillin said. “We’re giving a voice to that, we’re honoring their impact on all of our lives.”

Payton Moore is a student life reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].