That’s awkward…

I went to an event at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I had on a walrus nose.

“I went to an event at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I had on a walrus nose.”

We all have them. That piece of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of your shoe. That slip on ice in front of the person you’ve been crushing on for weeks.

Awkward moments can happen to anyone, and for some, a lot more often than others. And as if our lives weren’t awkward enough, March 18 marks National Awkward Moment Day. Here are a few memorable awkward moments from Kent State students:

“I went to an event at Buffalo Wild Wings, and I had on a walrus nose. I was walking around with it, and I opened the door to the bathroom and walked in on someone using the restroom with the walrus nose on!”

-Neville Hardman, junior multimedia news journalism major

“I slipped on ice in front of 10 cars, and no one got out to help me. Only after that did I realize I had a big hole on the inside of my leggings and everyone who saw me fall probably saw it.”

-Danielle Minor, sophomore public relations major

“I was in the fifth grade, and I was at one of my championships like elementary league games. I got a rebound off of the other team and made a shot for the other team thinking it was our team, and I got so excited. The other team’s crowd was laughing at me, and this one kid started laughing so hard he was crying. It was extremely embarrassing, and I could never live it down — even in high school, it was still brought up.”

-Emmanuel Kalala, sophomore business major

“I have acid reflux where you baby barf sometimes after eating. And one time I was making out with my boyfriend (an ex now) after he had just cooked me dinner, and I baby barfed against his lips and sort of drooled on his cheek and on his lap.”


“In fifth grade, I peed my pants in class because my teacher made me wait until the lunch bell, and obviously I couldn’t hold it, so I kind of just sat in my seat and literally peed. Everyone was looking and staring and this shy Indian kid next to me kept staring at my seat then back at me. My teacher had to walk me to the nurse, and my grandpa had to drive me up new pants.”

-Sara Becker, sophomore early childhood education major

“When I was 14 years old, I went to Cedar Point with my family. At the time, I never had my period and wasn’t expecting to have one any time soon. When we were waiting to get in line for a ride, I sat on the low curb on the ground so naturally my legs parted a little, and after 10 minutes a complete stranger came over and pointed out I had started my period. It was everywhere and so many people were staring. I had to go buy new shorts at the gift shop and change, but I can’t imagine how many people noticed throughout the day. It was so embarrassing.”


“So in like 7th or 8th grade, I was sitting in my health class, and the teacher is talking or whatever, and we had those chairs that weren’t attached to the desk and were metal. Anyway so I went to crack my back, and I’m holding the top part of the chair, and as I’m cracking it the top part just like rips off, so I’m sitting there holding the back of my chair and the teacher is just staring at me like ‘What the hell did you just do?’ and it was like dead quiet for at least two minutes. So awkward.”

-Adrian Leuthauser, freshman magazine journalism major

“My most awkward moment was when I was offering cookies to one of my close neighbors during Christmas break, and they didn’t recognize me at first, then they threatened to call the police and shouted, ‘I don’t want any, go away,’ and then I said my name, and they took the cookies and apologized.”

-Mika Kristian, sophomore marketing major 

“I can think of two stories. First is when I was talking to my sister’s fiancé, and he tried to talk to me about my sister and lingerie. So I had to have a conversation with him telling him that whenever it comes to anything remotely sexual, I don’t want to know because it’s my sister. Second was when I had to explain to my grandparents how anime was a good use of money, but they would not listen. It just got super awkward because they kept asking how it helped me grow, or how it will help me in my religion.”

 -Aaron Schneider, freshman managerial marketing major