Adam Sandler class receives a surprise


Tracy Bennett

Donny Berger (Adam Sandler) and Todd Peterson (Andy Samberg) in Columbia Pictures’ comedy THAT’S MY BOY. Photo courtesy of MCT Campus.

Jessica Darling

Students received a surprise during the School of Journalism and Mass Communication’s Adam Sandler class Tuesday.

Ronald Russo, part-time semester faculty in JMC, started the class like any other — handing back graded papers and asking students to take their seats. After class was settled in, however, Russo’s wife came into class with bags and boxes full of McDonald’s cheeseburgers and quarter pounders.

The class is currently watching the Adam Sandler movie “The Longest Yard.” One of the characters in the movie, Cheeseburger Eddy, is played by actor Terry Crews.

Crews called in with a surprise message for the class.

“Students over there at Kent State, I’m Terry Crews, and I am honored to be the recipient or the honorary of Cheeseburger Eddy Day,” Crews said. “It is really unique, and I am proud.”

Crews said Adam Sandler had seen his performance in the movie “White Chicks” and decided he would be perfect for the role of Cheeseburger Eddy.

In the film, Cheeseburger Eddy throws McDonald’s cheeseburgers and quarter pounders at the other actors in the movie, hence his nickname and why Russo brought in cheeseburgers and quarter pounders for his class.

“I thought it was really neat we got to hear from celebrities that no one else gets to hear from,” junior zoology major Morgan Zernechel said. “It was a really nice personal touch that he cares enough to reach out to a class of students that are learning about him.”