Ohio House approves legal selling of opiate reverser


Hector Casanova illustration of suburban with images of heroin paraphernalia.

Candace Monacelli

The Ohio House of Representatives passed legislation Wednesday that would legalize selling a prescription drug that reverses the effects of an opiate overdose with drugs such as heroin.

This bill, which will now be taken to the Ohio Senate for further consideration, was passed by a 98 to zero vote. Naloxone, commonly known as Narcan, has been available to healthcare professionals and and law enforcement, but with the passage of the bill will now allow it to be in a typical household.

Ohio Attorney General Mike Dewine requested that the manufacturer of the drug, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals Inc., provide rebates to consumers such as police departments and other agencies that distributes the drug after the company increased pricing on this drug.

According to DeWine’s office more than 10,500 doses of Narcan were administered in 2012.

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Ohio law makes anti-heroin prescription more accessable from KentWired.com on Vimeo.