Opinion: What to do?

Marvin Logan is a senior Pan-African Studies major. Contact him at mlogan6@kent.edu.

Marvin Logan is a senior Pan-African Studies major. Contact him at [email protected].

Marvin Logan

With another low voter turnout for student government elections, occasional spotty attendance at events and constant happenings that seem to go unnoticed, I really have begun to wonder how you get your information. What makes you want to get up and go to something? How do you connect with the student group you’re involved in? How do you stay abreast of what’s happening around you? Or do you?

Since the beginning of my time here at Kent State, I’ve always kept my ears open to know what was going on. I used to pick up the Kent Stater and actually read it. I’d sit down and go through all of the emails I get from all those listservs I signed up for. It was a different time then. We didn’t have screens everywhere, Twitter wasn’t as popular with every office on campus, and people still appreciated an old-fashioned flyer. It seems we are growing in some aspects, like our involvement numbers and technological improvements, but in others, we’re continuing to plummet.

The million-dollar question is: What attracts students to information? The Center for Student Involvement and the athletics department are two groups in particular who have recently conducted studies on how students receive information and how to get them to enjoy their experience. The alarming thing is I’m not sure that in this new age of information and connectivity we are truly closer. It seems that there are two possible conclusions: People couldn’t care less about what is most important or some things aren’t important at all.

While you are “sleeping” — and I use the term figuratively and literally — a new regime of leaders were chosen by about 3 percent of our population. Our Faculty Senate made some significant changes to students’ future academic profiles. Also, our national government has committed an act which some are calling treason. All the while, the leaders that are truly here for you scream from the depths of their souls for everyone to wake up! * Insert a Spike Lee joint.

It ultimately falls on us, your leaders and sources of information, but I must ask, how can we do better? How can we show you what to care about? How can we engage you? How can we inform you in a way you’ll retain and appreciate? Help us out here. Leaders don’t spend countless hours because we have nothing better to do. Clearly, we do have something better to do, life or jobs. The question is: How? Just stay awake. Commit to challenging yourself, but most importantly, each other.