BSR Beats: Songs to get you going

Jacob Derwin, Program Director

Having difficulty taking those first steps out of bed in the morning? Need that extra push to embrace the day despite the cold? These songs will get your blood pumping and your feet on the floor, so you can get out there are rock the day.


“Blood Bath” -Saintseneca

Saintseneca has quickly become one of my new favorite bands with a unique indie-folk rock sound created by a collection of talented performers and their utilization of unusual instruments. These include the balalaika, dulcimer and wooden stomping boards. “Blood Bath” begins with a quick, simple rhythm and some melodious harmonies before kicking it into overdrive for the second half of the song. At a mere two and a half minutes, this song will wake you up and have you reaching for the repeat button to experience the adrenaline rush all over again.


“The John Wayne” – Little Green Cars

Little Green Cars’ “Absolute Zero” was an album of hits and misses for me, but “The John Wayne” stood out as its most driving and energetic song. With a heavy, thumping build up, the song pulls you in only to blast you into the sky as the roaring, up-tempo bass, guitar and drum parts pick up. With the addition of stunning three-part harmonies singing the well-crafted lyrics throughout the track, “The John Wayne” succeeds on all levels.


“Don’t Just Sit There” – Lucius

The vocal excellence of Lucius isn’t something I can easily describe. Jess Wolfe and Holly Laessig met and became friends at a party at the Berklee College of Music after another partygoer pointed out how the two had dressed near identically to each other without either person’s knowledge. With similar tastes in more than just clothing, they began singing together, later moving to Brooklyn and eventually meeting the rest of the band. Their chemistry allows for an incredible vocal power whether in unison or harmony. “Don’t Just Sit There” happens to be my favorite song of the band so far, and it’s bound to give you the strength to cast the blanket to the side.


“The Soundmaker” – Rodrigo y Gabriela

The Soundmaker EP So far, much of this list has been grounded in vocal harmonics, so let’s change it up. Rodrigo y Gabriela are a Mexican guitar duo who have taken classical guitar music to the next level. Combining the flare and intensity of flamenco with a rock ‘n roll edge, Rodrigo y Gabriela take a seemingly limited platform of two acoustic guitars and create engaging, rhythmic, catchy and tension-filled songs. This song (and all of their other songs) will make you dance your way out the door.


“Fight Back” – Pomplamoose

When Pomplamoose disappeared for a few years, I was bummed, to say the least. Now, back and better than ever, Pomplamoose is breaking in a new sound full of electronic layers and new production techniques. “Fight Back” is, in my opinion, their triumphant return to the throne. Nataly Dawn’s voice sounds as good as ever, the synth organ sounds bright and full of life, the drumbeat is solid and precise and the bass line is mouth-wateringly groovy. This song has more power than four double-A Duracell batteries. Just listen to it…right now.