BSR Beats: Love Stinks!

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, love is in the air. Chocolates and stuffed animals fill the aisles of all the stores, and there is an ungodly amount of hearts everywhere you turn. Everywhere you go you’re reminded that either you’re single or that society is forcing you to break your bank in the name of love. So, whatever your reason is for not being a fan of V-Day, this playlist is for you. 


“Love Stinks” -The J. Geils Band

You may remember Adam Sandler’s hilarious rendition of this song in “The Wedding Singer.” This classic 1980s song about a love gone sour is the perfect tune to remind you that you’re probably better off single.


“You Oughta Know” – Alanis Morissette

This ‘90s throw back, allegedly written about the actor who played Uncle Joey from “Full House,” is the perfect song to listen when you see an ex with someone that’s not you. You thought your love was forever, but they — oh so easily — got over it, and Morissette wrote a song about those angry feelings.


“Distraction #74” – The Avett Brothers

This song is for those who couldn’t make up their mind when it came to relationships. At first, this complicated situation of having two lovers may seem ideal, but they probably won’t agree, and you’ll probably end up alone on this one.


“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift officially made the transition from country to pop with this 2012 single, tired of the on and off again cycle. While the idea of getting back with an ex may sound nice, there’s probably a reason you broke up in the first place — some people just shouldn’t be together. Like, ever.


“Ex’s & Oh’s” – Elle King

Ohio-born blues rocker Elle King is climbing her way into the music scene with the release of this 2014 single. There’s nothing worse than simply wanting a fling, but the other party wanting more. Listen to this song if you enjoy being single, and “they won’t let go.”