Bringing beer to you: Local business offers beer delivery service


Mayor Jerry T. Fiala helps business owners Molly Taggart and Jen Cunningham cut the ribbon in honor of the opening of their new bar “The Local Public House,” in Kent on Feb. 3, 2014. Friends and locals gathered for the celebration and enjoyed free local soda on the house.

Andrea Delph

A new beer and wine store has officially been welcomed into Downtown Kent.

The Local Public House, located at 154 N. Depeyster St., hosted its ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday to finalize its presence downtown. Kent Mayor Jerry Fiala, local business owners and residents gathered in celebration of the business and enjoyed a few laughs and drinks.

The wine and beer joint offers a wide variety of different beers ranging from authentic ales to lagers at state minimum pricing and allows for beverages below a 42 proof to be delivered.

“We are trying to hit all ends of the spectrum,” said The Local Public House’s co-owner Molly Taggart. “We have a wide range of beer lovers who all have different tastes.”

Influenced by her father, Taggart opened The Local Public House in November with her partner Jen Cunningham.

“My father owned a diner and a general store for 32 years,” Taggart said. “I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment. He was my biggest supporter.”

With its deep-rooted family history and traditions, The Local Public House sells and delivers locally brewed beer, wine and snacks primarily to the Kent area. 

“Back in my day, you had the common neighborhood store that everyone went to; this is what it reminds me of,” Fiala said.

The Local Public House stays open and will deliver until 2:30 a.m.

“If we’re open, we’re delivering, seven days a week,” Taggart said. “Nobody wants to make the beer run, so this is the safest alternative.”

The business does not discriminate by selling only locally brewed beers. The Local Public House sells international brands such as Heineken and Corona, and if they do not have a beer of someone’s choice, they will accommodate and call to place an order.

 Taggart and Cunningham understand that not everyone enjoys beer, and to adjust to that, they have a tasting once every month with a themed drink flavor.

By doing this, the business provides an opportunity for customers to try different types of beverages without a huge investment.

“Everyone has different taste,” Cunningham said. “People who say they don’t like beer just haven’t found the right one. We just want to educate people about beer.”

In regards to moving forward with business, Cunningham said they are always improving and expanding. She said the business’ next update is its website. 

Other amenities also include locally produced pop, snacks, cards and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream at a cheaper price than other competitors in the Kent area.

Taggart compares the business to the popular American television series, “Cheers.” With a team that features enthusiastic workers who greet you upon arrival and will walk your purchase to your vehicle, The Local Public House prides itself on its excellent customer service and being known for its fun hospitality.

“We hope we become an ingrained part of this community,” Taggart said. “Just like when somebody hasn’t been to Kent in a long time they say, ‘Oh yeah, you go to Ray’s?’ I hope that one day someone sees us in the same light. 

“You come in as a stranger, and leave as a family member,” she said.

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