Ohio fire departments, congressmen desperate for funding

Ohio fire departments desperate for funding from KentWired.com on Vimeo.

Ohio fire departments fight for funding from KentWired.com on Vimeo.

Fire Captain David Moore said, “It’s out of our control out of our hands, we control what we can.”

The control Fire Captain David Moore says to get the fire department fully equipped and ready to serve the community.

Moore said, “The community should see no delay and no ill affects from that because were going to go out and do our job to the best of our ability.”

But the ability to fight for funding with Congress comes from Senator Sherrod Brown who says he won’t stop until a decision is made.

Brown said, “We tried one last time to pass this bill with no amendments with what’s called a clean funding bill that doesn’t have all the talking points.”

Fighting for fire departments like Kent’s whom typically file 100 to 200 thousand dollars in grant requests. But the department can not rely on this money.

Moore said, “We obviously don’t rely on the grant money so we can’t so we have to use our local funds and we have to like any old house hold we have to budget.”

Senator Brown says there is nothing he can do to help fire departments in a delay and with a potential Department of Homeland Security shutdown he expects… Brown said, “You will see some fire departments have to lay people off, you’ll see screeners in airports working without pay, you’ll see border guards working without pay and they can only do that for so long so none of this is good and all of its unnecessary.”

While Kent fire department among many others in Ohio do not want the situation to become worse they would benefit from this funding without a delay.

Moore said, “If its equipment or man power its an impact because that delay when it can get in it makes a difference.”

Senator Brown also said he thinks the Tea party members of House Representatives are possibly shutting down the Department of Homeland Security to score political points.

February 27th we will know the fate of this department and funding to the fire departments.

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