Psychologist forecasts fashion for Kent State students

Kelsey Drumm

New York City-based fashion psychologist Dawnn Karen will present her “Dear Dream Chasers” tour on Feb. 25 at 7 p.m. in the Student Center in room 306AB. 

Karen will visit on behalf of the Modista Fashion Club, a minority fashion group with more than 200 members at Kent State. Simerjeet Sahota, marketing coordinator of Modista and a senior fashion merchandising major, said the organization is looking forward to hosting Karen’s presentation. 

Karen will talk about her experience with fashion, how she thought of combining fashion with psychology and the definition of fashion psychology, Sahota said.

“In general I think (fashion psychology) is something everyone should want to know about,” Sahota said. “There are days we don’t feel on top, we don’t feel our best and we don’t realize how important color is. Color and what you wear is all tied into your mood, so I think it’s nice knowledge to have for any student.”

She also said the way people dress can reflect how they feel, but the psychology behind fashion persuades a person to purposefully combine color and fabric to express a current mood. 

Karen, a founder of this new thought process, also speaks publicly about her life journey while spreading the news of fashion psychology across the nation, Sahota said. For example, Karen learned lessons while creating the concept of fashion psychology that she will share. 

The event welcomes all Kent State students to attend and will reward FLASHperk points. 

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