Burning calories in the bedroom

Katie Leyton

The average male thinks about sex at least 18 times a day, compared to 10 times a day for the average female, according to LiveScience. As Valentine’s Day approaches, my guess is that number increases significantly.

While some people are planning a fancy dinner for two with their special someone, others will be spending Valentine’s Day enjoying quality time with a tall glass of who knows what.

And what better way to work off all of the chocolate and wine than getting close and personal with your lover — whomever they may be.

It may sound crazy, but this is no joke; Even the simplest of actions, such as kissing, cuddling or even unclasping a bra, can burn at least 10 calories per minute.

Here are just a few positions that will give you the best workout (and even some toned muscles):

Missionary: It’s probably the least exciting position, but it’s definitely one to fall back on when you’re too tired, too stuffed or just not that into it. But even the simplest position can burn at least 250 calories in 10 minutes.

Cowgirl: This position calls for the lady to do most of the work, but that’s not a bad thing as they burn almost twice as many calories as their male counterpart. Ten minutes on-top will burn about 130 calories for him and 300 for her. (Burning off those calories from the two glasses of champagne you had.) Try reverse cowgirl to burn even more calories and add more excitement.

Doggy Style: A popular position on both ends, it does wonders for an overall body exercise and can really spice things up. For him, 10 minutes of doggy style will burn about 350 calories and for her, 200.

Want to calculate your own calories?

Check out http://www.sexcalculator.co.uk. Input your gender, body shape/size, sex position, how fast and for how long, and in return, the online sex calculator computes the number of calories burned.

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