Opinion: Respect the President

Zachary Downes is a junior journalism major. Contact him at [email protected].

Zachary Downes

As we all know, the weather in northeast Ohio is bitter in more ways than one since we all want to cancel classes. The Kent State President, Beverly Warren, now has the last say in whether Kent State will cancel classes or not. With the recent frigid temperatures, we all feel the need to tweet about it.

After Kent State did not cancel classes all day due a low wind chill last Thursday, students took to twitter and tweeted their frustrations at Beverly Warren, who, let me remind you, is a major public figure on campus and the City of Kent. She is the president of Kent State, so she’s well known.

Anyway, students decided to tweet Beverly Warren their complaints about the weather. Some people were friendly and then some people lost their minds. Some people had very colorful things to say, some even compared frostbite to the famous Adam Sandler movie “Mr. Deeds.”Beverly Warren responded to all of the negativity that her twitter was receiving with “Many factors are considered when making weather related closings. One of them is not the number of tweets lacking in civility.”

Personally, this was the best comeback/subtweet I’ve ever seen. Props to Bev.

However, I would like to note that tweeting the president of a state university will not change anything, let alone win points. Twitter is not a website to file complaints – it’s to tweet about the random epiphanies you have and to share funny pictures from your weekend excursions. So, you can try but you will not make a difference. Sorry about it.

And another thing, tweeting really rude and vulgar comments to the president is completely uncouth. I understand that no one wants to walk to class in below zero temperatures and that the wind is terrible on our campus, I get it. I did not want to go to class either, but guess what? Life sometimes sucks.

If you’re a freshmen on campus, that’s fine. You obviously did not know that Kent rarely cancels class for inclement weather and I definitely know you weren’t knowledgeable enough to be victimized by the wind on campus. For the older students, you are completely aware of Kent State’s likeliness to cancel classes and you are more than aware that this is northeast Ohio and winter does happen. Tweeting rude things to the university’s top administrator does not do any favors for you.

Also, since you decided to take the liberty of passive-aggressively insulting Warren’s decisions and how she does her job, you may not keep yours for very long, if at all. Do you think a future employer will be thrilled to see that? No, probably not.

Personally, I would not hire someone who did that. It’s not classy. I totally understand that having class with a negative wind chill is terrible. It was cold and my tears froze my eyes shut, literally. But, they also do not cancel work in the real world when it’s cold out. So, from you to me: unfortunately suck it up and buy a scarf and stop tweeting the president rude things. That’s all.