Campuses around the world unite in day of prayer Thursday

Skye McEowen

College students around the world and at Kent State are preparing for National Collegiate Day of Prayer Thursday, Feb. 26.

The National Collegiate Day of Prayer, originating in the 19th century, is a day devoted to uniting all congregations of Christianity. The first Day of Prayer began with the Concert of Prayer, a transatlantic movement that united denominations in America and Britain.

This year will be the 200th anniversary since the Concert of Prayer had first occurred at colleges in New England.

These groups pray about common concerns and issues facing them. According to the National Collegiate Day of Prayer Website, prayers often focus around the “outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon their churches, communities and colleges, and the spread of the Gospel in all its purity and power throughout the world.”

The main focus is that campuses around the world join to pray on one day, at one time. It is believed that prayer is more effective and powerful if done by a large amount of people at one time. There is an idea of a “unified focus and spiritual diversity” according to the website.

The day isn’t solely devoted to campuses, and older generations and churches are welcomed to participate in prayer for the younger generation. The idea of the event is to unite congregations and generations in a day devoted to faith.

At Kent State, BURN Kent is hosting a prayer event in 133 Bowman Hall at 7-9 p.m. Thursday to anyone interested.

More information about the Collegiate Day of Prayer can be found on their website:

Skye McEowen is a the religion reporter for The Kent Stater. Contact her at [email protected].