USG approves gender inclusive housing and restrooms


gender inclusive

Matt Poe

The Kent State University Undergraduate Student Government officially approved new legislation for gender inclusive housing and restrooms at its meeting Wednesday night.

The initiative is expected to come into full effect by next semester and will provide housing and restroom options for students who may identify as LBGTQ. Tia Loop, director of communications for USG, sponsored the project and said it’s a positive step forward.

“I think it’s a step in the right direction for the LBGT community and furthering campus housing in general,” Loop said.

Although students and faculty can expect to see the majority of the initiative in effect by next semester, several improvements have already been made. Changes to housing applications have been made, which include “some changed wording and a better explanation of what campus is able to provide,” said Loop, a senior fashion merchandising major.

As one of the major projects USG has undertaken, the initiative’s approval is a long-awaited success. Marvin Logan, executive director of USG and senior Pan-African studies major, said the project is one USG has worked on for “about three years.”

“It’s something we’ve been working on since I’ve been involved in student government,” Logan said. “To see it finally come to fruition is something I’m really happy for and proud of.”

As many representatives of USG finish their terms, the challenge of completing key projects and providing a smooth transition to the next wave of representatives is recognized.

The gender inclusive housing and restrooms is one of them, and with its approval, Logan can now turn some of the “focus on a solid transition in student leadership so the next administration can hit the ground running,” he said.

Logan is not the only senior who hopes to see the project achieved before his time in USG is over. Tyler Bayer, director of student involvement, helped co-sponsor the bill. The senior political science major said the project is one he hopes to see fulfilled by the end of his term.

“Hopefully before the end of my term we get the ball fully rolling, especially since I’m graduating,” Bayer said.

Although much of the project is devoted to providing gender inclusive housing and bathrooms for students, the main goal is to make students feel more at home on campus.

“Campus is supposed to be comfortable, and if it’s not, it’s far less likely you’re going to want to stay here,” Bayer said. “Kent has been my home and I would like to help everybody see campus in that way.”

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