BSR Beats: Food and music pairings

Listen to these songs paired with our recommended foods to amplify your music experience.

Warning: This playlist may cause a stomach ache if you attempt to eat all these foods at once. 


“Quesadilla” -Walk The Moon

To appreciate this song, enjoy a quesadilla with all your favorite toppings. Both the upbeat combination of instruments in this tune and the yummy flavors in a quesadilla make it practically impossible not to dance from happiness.


“Vanilla” – The Maine

Try a scoop of vanilla ice cream while listening to this song. Although it is titled “Vanilla,” there is nothing plain or boring about this tune. The cool vibe pairs perfectly with a bowl of ice cream.


“Diet Mountain Dew” – Lana Del Rey

To truly enjoy this song, listen to it while drinking Merlot (if you’re of age.) If you’re not, then Diet Mountain Dew is the drink for you. Like the wine, this song is classy and smooth as Lana Del Rey’s voice flows throughout the melody.


“Beans On Pizza” – Grouplove

To enjoy this tune, listen to it while eating a slice of piping hot pizza. I’m obsessed with the hippy-trippy vibes the song has, but I’ll probably just stick to pineapple instead of beans on my pizza.


“Strawberry Fields Forever” -The Beatles

Try eating some strawberries while tuning into this song. Like strawberries, this single is a classic and hard not to enjoy. The sweet taste of the fruit mirrors this flowing and sweet melody.