Housing contract, renewal opens Feb. 1


Tri-towers is one choice of residency for students, whether they are incoming freshman or seniors. Due to the capacity of these residence halls, space is running low and upperclassmen are encouraged to find residency off campus.

Lauren Biertempfel

The housing renewal contract application for students planning to live on campus for the fall 2015 semester will be available online beginning Feb. 1.

Jill Church, director of Residence Services, said that the housing application process is unique to a student’s situation, and the contract renewal guide will help students determine when is best to apply for them.

A $200 housing pre-payment will be due at the time of renewal, according to the university’s contract renewal guide. If students pay the fee but do not select a room by May 8, a room will be assigned to them by the Department of Residence Services.

To live off campus, students must be 20 years or older before classes start, have lived on campus for four full semesters or have more than 60 completed credit hours. If a student does not meet any of these requirements, a commuter exemption form must be filled out. Filling out this form does not guarantee exemption.

Students who meet the above requirements and wish to live off campus do not have to fill out the contract renewal guide.

There are 25 residence halls on campus that vary from a two-person standard to apartment style suites.

To access the application, visit www.housing.res.kent.edu.

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