What does your facial hair say about you?

Illustration by Amanda Lang

Illustration by Amanda Lang

Ellen Turk

On the faces of men across the country, a revolution is being cultivated.  Charity movements like Movemeber, and marketing tactics have all contributed to the movement. Facial hair in all forms, ranging from the untamed beard to the handlebar mustache, is undoubtedly making a comeback. Although there may be little (or a lot) of thought put into your stubble, the hair on your face says more than you think.

Stubble: This is the most common type of facial hair because it works on almost every guy. Stubble has become something of a permanent fixture in magazines and other popular trend sources.

Worn by: Both the trendy and the lazy man; it can be sported by someone conscious of his personal image and keeps up on the latest trends to look sexy, or by someone who just forgot to shave that morning.

Beard: The beard was initially associated with age and self-assurance as an obvious sign of masculinity. A neatly trimmed beard can be a good look for many men, and some even get beard implants to appear more respectable. Others are more low-maintenance and grow natural and unruly beards. The beard’s rise in popularity can be attributed to charity movements, such as Movember or “No-Shave November.”

Worn by: A well-kept beard is worn by a quietly confident person who also likes to keep his face warm against the winter cold. Untamed beards, such as those worn on the faces of “Duck Dynasty” characters, are worn by outdoorsy men who care less about outward appearances and more about the things in life that truly matter.

Mustache: Covering all manner of styles from handlebar, pencil and thick ‘n bushy, a mustache requires a lot of upkeep and is a sure-fire attention-getter. Its rise in popularity can be attributed to a variety of cute marketing ploys, such as “I mustache you a question.”

Worn by: A slightly defiant person who isn’t afraid of attention. This person likes to try new things and experiment with different looks, usually changing their personal style with each new season. The man with the mustache is aware of the world around him and can be looked to for the latest trends.

Clean Shaven: Simple and classic, the clean-shaven look is for those who don’t like upkeep. It is also the default look for those who simply don’t have what it takes to grow facial hair.

Worn by: The preppy man who prefers to stick with what works and wants to look his best wherever he goes—without having to worry about food getting stuck in his hair. The look is also worn by the youthful lad who hasn’t fully matured. Either way, this person is a total mama’s boy.

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