KSC makes changes to Student Center during winter break


New furniture can be found throughout the second floor of the Kent State Student Center including colorful and comfy chairs, tables and couches, good for both relaxing and studying.

Andrea Delph

In efforts to promote the Kent State Student Center as the heart and focal point of the university’s campus, the university made several new additions during winter break.

The Kent Student Center created a space reflective of its university pride and student interaction. These renovations include blue and gold carpet, new furniture, 12 indoor digital screens and one large 8’ x 18’ LED digital screen.

Timeka Rashid, an associate dean of students, explained KSC is committed to renovating its Student Center to give it more of a modern, technology-driven feel in efforts to keep up with other university trends.

“We did nothing we weren’t supposed to do,” Rashid said. “It’s really about the convenience and the communication piece in this building. Our charge is to create a space of convenience, comfortability and community.”

The main purpose of the 8’ x 18’ LED, located on the breezeway between the Kiva and the Student Center is to assist student organizations and university departments with promotion of their programs and services. The interior screens are located in the Hub, Undergraduate Student Government Office and various points throughout the second floor.

KSC also replaced the charging station cords in the Hub.

“We just wanted to make sure that the students have everything that they need,” said Sydney Jordan, student activities coordinator.

Rashid expressed her excitement for students taking notice and appreciating the small changes taking place.

“Its the little things,” she said. “We’re not done, and we are moving forward.”

Rashid said there will be new signage in the building along with other changes students can look forward to this year.

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Due to editors’ error, Andrea Delph and her email [email protected] were misspelled. 

Due to a reporter’s error, in a previously published version of this story, the Kent Student Center was mislabeled as the Center for Student Involvement. Changes have been made in relation to both KSC and CSI.