A balancing act

Tyler Hill

Passion drives people to create. It motivates people to wake up and do something. It’s a driving force instilled in many people — including Heather Gmucs, who works at Gotta Groove Records, a vinyl record pressing plant in Cleveland. She has made music her priority, and ultimately, her life.

Gmucs has filled every aspect of her life with music. Her friends, her career and her hobbies all reflect the passion she radiates. She loves pressing records and imprinting her own artwork on top of the original disc at Gotta Groove. 


“I get to do art on other people’s art, and that’s (a special thing) to be a part of,” Gmucs said.

Balance is also a struggle many people face. How much time do you allot to what you love versus what actually pays your rent? Gmucs has found a balance between Gotta Groove and the several bands she plays in. She can take small tours and still have food in the fridge.

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